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MCLab I/O Board Datasheets and Schematics

The datasheets and schematics on this page comprise all I/O boards available in the course.

Simple I/O Board | UART Boards | Interface Board | Motor Board | Chipcard Reader

Note: We provide the layouts and schematics of our boards as a supplement to our microcontroller course lab. You can view them using the free demo-version of the Eagle Layout Software, which can be downloaded from Cadsoft.
The layouts and schematics are provided under the usual restrictions - ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, only for non-commercial purposes, etc. If you don't agree to these conditions, don't use the files.
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Simple I/O Board

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UART Boards

Note: The UART boards are only required when using the serial ATmega16 controller board version 1.1.

We employ two UART boards in the course, one which can be connected to the serial connector of the PC (UART-RS232), and a second that can be connected to a USB port (UART-USB). The former is used in the lab and is part of the standard take-home equipment. The latter is part of the (limited!) number of take-home targets for students who are working on a Laptop without serial connector. In both cases, communication is done with the UART module of the microcontroller. In the case of the normal UART board, the MAX232 simply transforms the voltage levels to RS-232 standards (± 3-15V; in our case 12V, with LOW=+12V and HIGH=-12V). In case of the UART-USB, the FT232BM transforms the UART protocol to the USB protocol. This is transparent to the controller, which communicates over the normal TX and RX pins.

UART-RS232 Board


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Interface Board

The interface board contains interfaces drivers for RS-232, RS-485, USB, and CAN. (top of page)

Motor Board

The motor board consists of three parts:

To allow you to track the movement of the motor, we placed an encoder disc on each motor's shaft and mounted two photointerrupters per motor. The photointerrupters are placed in such a way that the signal of the second is phase-shifted 90° with respect to the first. Thus, the interrupters allow you to determine both speed and direction of the motor's rotation.

L293D Driver Board

MC3479 Driver Board

UCN5804 Driver Board

Photointerrupter Board

The photointerrupter board has six connectors which are connected to the two photointerrupters. The pin assignment is (from left to right):
   GND    LS1in    LS1out    LS2in    LS2out    VCC   
Set LSin to VCC to activate the photointerrupter, read its output from LSout.

DC Motor

Further data provided by the vendor (Conrad):
Nenn-Spg.V/DC 12,0
Arbeits-Spg.V/DC 3,0 - 12,0
Leerlauf Drehz. UpM 17500
Strom A 0,12
Drehzahl UpM 12400
Strom A 0,34

Unipolar Stepper Motor

Bipolar Stepper Motor


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Chipcard Reader

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